Privacy Policy & Data Protection


The content of this website remains the property of Whatknot Boating Ltd and cannot be copied or altered by any party without prior permission.

We are Whatknot Boating Limited, a UK Limited Company.

This information is intended to detail the key responsibilities of Whatknot Boating Ltd as an operator and as a data controller. It is not intended to be a comprehensive set of procedures but rather a declaration of the principles applied in fulfilling our responsibilities as a data controller in accordance with the requirements set out in the GDPR Regulations.

In addition to the above declaration, Whatknot Boating Ltd will always endeavour to give the highest priority to the secure collection, processing and storage of all client data including the secure disposal of any data that is no longer relevant or necessary where such data is held directly by Whatknot Boating Ltd.

Collection of Data

We only collect client data that is essential for the purpose of processing a boating holiday booking. The data collected by Whatknot Boating Ltd is solely used for the purpose of providing a boating holiday to the client.  This data specifically includes:

  • Title, Full name and address of lead name
  • Telephone number(s) of lead name
  • Email address of lead name
  • Dates of birth and/or ages of lead crew
  • Relevant boating experience of lead name
  • Titles and names of other party members attending the holiday
  • Other notes relevant for the provision of a boating holiday including any medical conditions we need to be aware about which may affect the boating holiday.
  • Holiday payment details.

Whatknot Boating Ltd does not use this data for any purpose other than booking a boating holiday.

How data is collected by Whatknot Boating Ltd.

Data is only ever collected from clients by the employees of Whatknot Boating Ltd.

We always endeavour to collect this data in a legal, fair and transparent manner.  Relevant client data is collected using the following means:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website enquiry and booking forms
  • Social Media

How data is processed by Whatknot Boating Ltd

Access to the booking system is restricted to a secure username and password and can only be accessed by employees for the purposes of booking a holiday.

Data entered into the system may be used for future marketing purposes if permission has been agreed by the data subject (client).